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Stadium, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Jalan Gelang Patah, 81120 Gelang Patah, Johor, Malaysia
Coordinate: 1.481588, 103.6184744
Rating: 4.60
Phone: -
Zainal Zac Ariffin (08/02/2017 10:16)
Not finish yet... Still under construction...
But can't wait for it to be finish...
Located at a very rural but developing location...

Eleven TV (26/02/2017 10:47)
This stadium gonna be a first beautiful stadium on malaysia

Abe Rasul 59 (18/07/2017 10:59)
Like it

Nur Aiman (04/11/2017 22:55)
Tak sabar nak tunggu siap

Madball Madball (30/12/2017 20:51)
Simple place... if the food you wanted...inul food stall is the best.. try it you won't regret it

MH Hisyam (15/01/2018 07:39)
congratulation Southern Tiger for new Home Ground Stadium, altough it is not complete yet but I think it will be the best stadium in Malaysia