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Kuah Jetty

Kedah, Malaysia
Place Type:
Transit Station, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Kuah, 07000 Kuah, Kedah, Malaysia
Coordinate: 6.3062706, 99.8511481
Rating: 3.50
Phone: -
Z Z (24/02/2018 15:05)
Overall ok, with good selection of shops for your last minute shopping. During my last visit here years ago, there were sufficient trolleys available for convenience transport of your things during the long walk on the jetty but now only a few can be seen. Rental car touts are seen smoking & littering with impunity. These people depends on tourism for a living but they are also the one who chase the tourists away.

Wei Chiang Lim (24/03/2018 13:15)
Too many touts for car rental companies, would not leave us alone as we were looking. One car rental company had a car in such bad shape that the tires were completely bald. We were lucky to catch that before handing over the deposit, and walked off. Not a good experience trying to rent cars here, the feel is everyone is looking to scam you.

PRIYA JAMES (21/11/2017 12:51)
Very convenient and spacious ferry port/jetty. Can get ferry to Kuala Perlis, Thailand etc.. This place has a small shopping area with food courts, Liquor shop, chocolate shops and gift/souvenir shops. Also has a big comfortable waiting area, checkin point and a great view of the ocean.

Ps 1 : you get many rented taxi just outside the port. If you are staying for just 2 or 3 days and need to explore all the tourist spots, it's advisable to rent a car. But if you're staying for a week or longer, by spending more time relaxing in some cottage then it's cheaper to book an Uber or Crab( Malaysian taxi app)

Ps 2 : Souvenirs and liquors are cheaper inside the port. It's better you purchase from here as quality is good. Don't know if it's allowed to taking liqour to mainland from here though.

yves frombelgium (25/11/2017 08:24)
Good facilities in this ferry terminal, including duty free shops

kao ri (03/01/2018 03:55)

Dodesh M (27/03/2018 01:16)
Newly built clean and decent. The stores area is duty free. Quite useful stores and restaurants

Mazlinda Mazlan (27/04/2018 15:21)
Food is ok but service is slow though. Can’t remember the stall name. Their speciality is Laksa. Ice kachang portion is generous with lots of condiments.