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Place Type:
Point Of Interest, Establishment
Lot 619, Blok 16 KCLD, Jalan Song, Kampung Tabuan Lalang, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Coordinate: 1.5201446, 110.3586306
Rating: 2.50
Phone: +60 82-462 612
Opening Hours:
Monday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
Yu Xin Liew (26/01/2017 07:35)
Lousy... No pride in doing their job. Waited all day at home but item labeled as unsuccessful delivery. This is not the first time. But what can be done... Complains doesn't mean anything in our gov service. Well played

vincent cjm (15/03/2017 09:33)
One of the worse courier services around. Never answer any call reject some more. Staff not helpful and slow. Delivery too long.

Cyril Dason (30/04/2017 11:53)
Staff were polite when I came and tried their best to address my problems related to a returned an undelivered parcel.

Miss Ngy (30/12/2016 12:02)
Crowded queue. Dont serve people come first. Worker doesnt handle the customer with good attitude. Had passed the paper with no. Item, he can put it under the keyboard there and do others. Waiting around 30-45min here. He dare asked back where was the paper while he is the one handling... should increase the customer service

jeanna stella (07/04/2017 22:04)
My parcel suppose arrived at my place on time but why pos laju send my parcel to another person..WHERE'S MY PARCEL?!!!

Grizzly Giantsbane (25/10/2017 08:54)
I don't quite expect the negative review from other users but I had a positive experience when I had to deliver my motorcycle back to my hometown. Friendly staffs, very helpful. Wrapped my motorcycle real good, no damage whatsoever when it arrived. The biggest plus, it arrived the next day.

dominic lim (31/10/2017 06:23)
The services are average but the car parking spaces are great, they barely fit a motorbike! How this place was approved as a Poslaju centre especially with the micro tight parking spaces is beyond comprehension.

Isfyandie Barji (04/11/2017 09:13)
Seriously last time they were the
Now if they feel lazy to send your parcel, they will just send sms said no one at home at morning. But in reality they never even bother to send it, it feels strange you got sms early in morning said cannot send due to no one at home.

MK XIII (21/10/2017 11:20)
Slow delivery never mind. But call never answer. Always pick up and put down without saying anything

affizul azuwar (16/10/2017 13:24)
not even deserved 1 star. the f operator never f answer the f phone. the worst ever courier branch in this planet

Melisandre Be (08/03/2018 12:36)
My family's experience with Poslaju has been positively encouraging. We are very impressed with the work attitude of a particular van delivery man who services the BDC area. This Poslaju worker has gone out of his way to ensure prompt delivery of our goods and purchases. He has made a second trip when we were not home and once he recognized my car so he turned back to deliver our parcel. Good job! Keep up the good work! The parcel tracking is accurate and we have had no problems with the system so far.

Cream Cheese (09/03/2018 12:08)
So far I've never had any issues with Poslaju and I use their service quite frequently. My parcel came today even though it was just posted out by a seller yesterday, very laju indeed. 10/10 for your service. The deliverymen and those working at the post office have also showed good working attitude. Keep up the good work. Thank you for the service.

Azhan Muhd (29/03/2018 21:25)
Sometimes poor service, and bad customer care service.

Could be better especially for the current customer care line.

Great service from pick-up counter staff. Friendly and professional.

Just the tracking service system needs to be updated especially the auto prompt that the item can't be delivered and the reason for the failure delivery attempt was the customer was not home, when there're clearly waiting at the front gate.

Just say that item will be delivered with the next incoming item for the same address the next day. This should be clearly said to avoid misunderstandings and customers worrying about their item.

Pasta Chan (15/01/2018 20:58)
Parcels are always sent on time! Staff are normally very friendly and poslaju is the only courier service that can find my house and have the courtesy to call or message me if I'm not home. Keep up the good work;)

Elena Shizuka (05/09/2018 16:01)
There is a range of boxes and packages to select. The price is relatively alright. For those who find it a hassle to find a clean box for sending things to love ones, the boxes come in handy. For documents the plastic packages will be good to prevent from getting wet. However postage fees to overseas is still very expensive....a document weighing less than 100 gram cost rm68.75

Putri Dariah Ariff (02/09/2018 08:55)
Great service! Happy that there wasn't any queue and that they open on Saturdays. Parking was easy to find.

JàZz HóNg (09/09/2018 10:53)
Parcel arrive at pos laju already but pending for so long time👎👎 very worst service, took long time to send, pos laju can't deserve even one star, nobody pick up phone but still says open (working hour)

Flo Lls (07/08/2018 11:54)
Terrible and embarassment as national courier service. One, items in package opened and stolen then stuffed with paper and packed back to appear undisturbed to receiver. Second, super long and poor delivery. Item has arrived in kuching for 1 week and no signs of sending out to the location despite lodging report on offical complain line. Third, contact number given but no answer after calling for 100 times. Poslaju should just tutup kedai. We as customers pay MONEY to get our items yeah it is your job to send our items in one piece and in time. Shameful and low quality.

Putri Dariah Ariff (17/09/2018 11:59)
Great service! Happy that there wasn't any queue and that they open on Saturdays. Parking was easy to find.
Would also like to add that I received my parcel today (17/09) which is on a public holiday. Thank you team poslaju! 😊

Sylvester Beritto (27/09/2018 16:47)
Never bother to answer calls.. it's not even closing time yet.. and i believe they were short staffed.. management listen to your customers voices!! We pay for your services.. dead people working because no one is answering the calls

Adrian Ooi (24/09/2018 16:19)
service is good but they could improve/upgrade the waiting area for people who wanna come and collect their packages rather than standing up n making the waiting area crowded

Sam Sammy (23/09/2018 12:12)
The word LAJU should be replace with "lambat nak mamp*s" or deleted. Enough said!