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Perlis, Malaysia
Place Type:
Train Station, Transit Station, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Arau, 02600 Arau, Perlis, Malaysia
Coordinate: 6.4319219, 100.2682867
Rating: 3.50
Phone: -
Arau Arau Arau Arau Arau
Farah Kamal (28/02/2018 18:12)
the service was ok but the train did not arrive at the time that was expected

Afiq Asyraf Abdul Mutalib (16/02/2018 15:03)
wrong pin on the place. make sure you pin it on the other side of the track to reach the station by car

nexus 0 (16/01/2018 16:33)
Ets had no internet connection actually

Fidel Desu (14/10/2017 18:05)
Able to go to Padang Besar - Thailand from this station and ETS to KL

R͍͓̟ᴀ̫̼̞ʜ̡͇̺ᴍ̠͍̪ᴀ̫͕͇ɴ̠͚͎ R̡̳͕ᴏ͚͉͔ᴍ̻̞ʟ̻̺̳ɪ͎̠̟ (27/07/2017 01:33)
train on exact time.. clean toilet but it cost 20 cent. so ok