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Police, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Jalan Tun H S Lee, City Centre, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Coordinate: 3.1416211, 101.6958107
Rating: 2.90
Phone: +60 3-2071 9999 pages/ Balai-Polis-Trafik-Jln-HSLee-KL/ 193857017306514
denise yong (26/09/2019 14:28)
KEPUTUSAN have to wait 2 week. Car can't send to factory. Hope can upgrade the service.

phsb Wong (01/08/2019 08:54)
called to check Keputusan Kes status but no one pick up the phone, IT HAVE BEEN 2 DAYS!!!!!!!! When connected successfully, after 14 days KEPUTUSAN KES still not available, cz the Sargent responsible have not update the status. Seriously?? Now, ask me to go back to the Balai where i report and check with the Sargent. Seriously? Why the process can be so complicated??? WHY so tedious? i had follow the instruction and the process as told first day when did the report and the one stated in the report but why u still need to make my life so miserable!!!

Clare Sia (25/07/2019 07:08)
Call to know if keputusan kes is ready, but no one is picking up the phone. What is the point giving out phone number but no one is answering the phone!

Amber (02/05/2019 08:22)
Very disappointed with the police here. My car was banged by a commercial vehicle & the investigator(sergeant) tried to intimidate me saying that i was the one who caused tbe accident. Submittibing my dash cam video to prove my innocence was not helping much also, at last it was written both parties were not guilty in the report.

Cassey KC (05/04/2019 15:37)
Incompetent and slow. They don't care about solving the case, they just want your money. Charge you for everything. Been here 3 times for just one case, the sergeant didn't even do anything to resolve the case. He will find every opportunity to lecture you before reading the report, e.g. he thought I went there the 2nd and 3rd time without making formal report so he kept lecturing non-stop saying I didn't follow their procedure. In fact he's the one told me to come back to follow up with him! Tried so hard to explain to him but he just didn't want to listen. When he finally read the report which he signed 2 weeks ago, then only he realized he made wrong assumptions and toned down because he's ashamed. This happened two times! I know you handled a lot of cases but please COMMUNICATE not acting high and mighty