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Police, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Jalan Tun H S Lee, City Centre, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Coordinate: 3.1416211, 101.6958107
Rating: 3.10
Phone: +60 3-2071 9999 pages/ Balai-Polis-Trafik-Jln-HSLee-KL/ 193857017306514
Chanuka Gunasekara (10/01/2019 23:43)
It's situated near Chinatown or near Petaling Street. Easy to find as anyone can guide you to find this.
Front office where you lodge the complaint is very friendly and easy process to follow. Usually long queues as there are many people. Once the compliant lodged at the front office, they will guide you to go meet an officer to certify the police report. There also can be long queues as officers are usually less and busy.

JUN YUAN JY (02/11/2018 08:38)
The police over here are rude, they don't know how to respect people.

calvin lee (01/11/2018 14:55)
When call to the station and ask the officer how can get the report as represent the car owner. Then the officer answer me only bring the copy ic of car owner and the receipt report.

After I reached there, the counter report officer told me request wakil letter and my copy ic too. When I questioned and argued with counter officer, he/she asked me who am I calling and talking to in the phone just now (ask me what is the officer name). If I don't know, she told me have to follow counter procedures.

I just so upset and disappointed how come I call many times until success to call and talk with the officer, then they are so so unprofessional to give the information. Give half information only!!! Irresponsible attitude...wasted my time !!!

Cher Lee Kiat (04/10/2018 20:53)
Pleasantly surprised by the courteous and professional service provided. The counter staff, the sergeant who recorded my report, the photographer who took the pictures are all polite and helpful. The only negative was when their system somehow couldn’t accept my credit card when I wanted to pay my compound.

Shan Sivam (25/09/2018 08:16)
Hi guys, 24th September 2018 7.45pm went to make accident report, with my friend, the station was quite empty with only one couple before us,

1)The couple before us
When to the counter to make report when their number pop-up on the screen. The offer ask "kenapa dua org? Jangan risau kita tak apa2kan kawan you, you pergi duduk dekat tempat menuggupun boleh nampak" (can't even stand next to his friend as a moral support? )

Then I told my friend it's ok I'll wait here no worries it's very easy just say what happened.(she was panicked due to accident happened ans worried because first time been to police station to make report)

After she done with the report they asked us to go to another block to consult the sarjen.
Was waited At the corridor and there is a chair provided, after while waited our number pop-up on the screen and now need to enter bilik(teamA) n search for the Sarjan. (She was nervous n ask for my companion) and we enter the room together,
There was office set-up with alot of cubicles,

after found the person cubicle, I say hi Sarjan n
I asked my friend to sit n I was standing next to her,
The Sarjan ask my friend "Siapa ni? Body guard ka? Tunggu luar"

A very simple psychology,
She is a girl who just mad in a accident who needs moral support! I brought her there by saying you guys are friendly!
Disappointed !
New government?