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Bukit Palah Melaka, Melaka 75400 Malaysia, Kampung Bukit Palah, 75150 Melaka, Malaysia
Coordinate: 2.2154713, 102.2628195
Rating: 4.60
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Masjid Al-Azim, Melaka Masjid Al-Azim, Melaka
Legend SCSA (12/03/2018 20:32)
The architectural style of the Al-Azim Mosque is provided by a Design Committee which takes into account the unique aspects of the Malay tradition of architecture and Islamic art. In accordance with its uniqueness, it can be seen from both external and internal angles. A rectangular shape adapted to a three-level roof that is also the same shape. This idea is based on the form of the first mosque built by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and in line with the essence of Islam itself which consists of four main elements, namely: (i) the site symbolizes the Sharia (Islamic law); (ii) the first level symbolizes tariqat (the way of approaching God); (iii) the second level symbolizes haqiqat (seeking the truth of Allah); and (iv) Third level symbolizes makrifat (knowing God); (v) The engraved vertex is replaced by dom. Some of the Quranic verses have been selected and carved with interesting writings. The selection of the verse is adapted to the concept and philosophy of building this mosque. At each end of the mosque roof there is a sulurbayung which symbolizes a distinctive feature of the Malay architectural beauty. Ilham created this sulurbayung taken from a kind of wild plant on the banks of the river. It illustrates the grasp of the hand during the reign of Hajj.

Ahmad Faris Wafiq Bin Azhari (07/01/2018 06:53)
It's a mosque full of culture, unique architecture and design, a very large mosque, you can walk around it for 10 minutes without reaching your previous spot. The carpet is soft and comfortable too.

Abdol Malek Abd Aziz (20/12/2017 06:44)
A majestic state mosque where one can perform your religious rituals.

Mohsin Hasan Mumtaz (16/12/2017 14:30)
Grand masjid of Melaka state. Very beautiful design from inside and outside. Huge number of parking available. Spacious masjid which can accommodates thousands of worshippers. Ladies prayer is seperate. If you visit any masjid, please donate generously for the development and to run the expenses. It's sadqa e jariah (on going charity) even after death.

Mohd Zafedz Mohd Nor (06/12/2017 15:43)
State mosque with fully equipped with facilities and many event organised here.