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Bank, Finance, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Bangunan Baru Umno, Jalan Besar, Kampung Tampin, 73000 Tampin, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Coordinate: 2.470298, 102.231623
Rating: 1.50
Phone: +60 6-441 1588
Woi Yin Yung (05/09/2018 16:55)
Dah tutup sebab tak tahu buat duit. Org tampin makin lama makin bertambah tapi masih tutup. Tak ada otak punya ceo cimb.

meen mon (09/04/2018 13:55)
customer service terok
staff siap ckp bahasa yg xelok plus ckp "xpergi sekolah erk".
salah sendiri xmengaku pulak.. buat keja xikhlas baik xpayah buat

Liew Guo Hao (28/01/2018 08:36)
Poor service and several dissatisfied experiences here. Staff is not friendly like we owe them money. Once, I tried to open a fixed deposit account, and it took more than one hour to complete, cos their superior go out for lunch, and I supposed to wait for him. Another time, when I tried to withdraw my money, they update my passbook and showed there were 3k balance. When I intend to withdraw, they change it and say I only have 1k balance. What the hell... Worst banking service I ever experienced...

Eugene W Prewitt (24/10/2017 12:23)
First, this bank is 300 to 400 meters south of where Google placed it today on Oct 24, 2017. Second, when I said I wanted to start a an account (as an American with proper documentation) I was told 20 minutes later that they will call me back within two weeks when they have approval for the account from administration.