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World Cafe

Sarawak, Malaysia
Place Type:
Cafe, Restaurant, Food, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Central Park Commercial Centre, 93200 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Coordinate: 1.523455, 110.3397131
Rating: 3.80
Phone: -
Alice Then (05/07/2017 08:04)
Best Chicken Rice in town.

Garett Sim (04/11/2016 10:17)
Quite decent steam chicken rice, if their blended chilli can be more fine then I guess it would taste better.

Bung Sing Chung (16/12/2016 08:25)
Taste nice hai nam chicken rice

Jourdan Kee (14/01/2017 12:28)
Taste quite nice.

Chai Tzong Shiun (29/06/2016 07:14)
Great Hainan Chicken Rice

Swee Kee Chew (29/08/2017 13:31)
What's not to like of steamed Hainan Chicken Rice? It retains all its juice and flavor, unlike the poached ones. This place used to be one of the best, but success must have gone to their heads.
Although its chickens still retain the trademark of being chopped halfway, because of of indentation on its chopping board. Taste still good. But it presentation is just awful, and worst, it's chillies condiment is just like an afterthought; coarsely cut chilli, ginger and garlic, instead of blended, all thrown together with vinegar - watery mess.

Wes Lee (03/04/2018 09:39)
Better tasting chicken rice in Kuching. Located at the back row of shops near 3rd Mile. There’s a variety of home made drinks to choose from as well.

Adrian Lim (13/02/2018 11:37)
delicious steamed chicken rice .. tasty .. tender .. !

Used to hv better chillie sairce but now the chillie saurce seems diluted ..