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Train Station, Transit Station, Point Of Interest, Establishment
43900, Selangor, Malaysia
Coordinate: 2.744778, 101.685139
Rating: 3.70
Phone: -
Ami Savitri (22/04/2017 06:30)
Well it has facilities for long transit, like the shower which I really needed. The internet is free and pretty fast. There are food stalls and shops if you want to spend money before you go.

Rubba Dee (13/02/2017 17:54)
The Airport has all the modern shops and amenities. The design is somewhat head scratching. You have to go through numerous shops and long hallways just to reach gates. Be prepared for a hike

nijas cm (20/02/2017 15:24)
Very well maintained airport. This is a exclusive airport for airasia.very neat and clean

حاريت فيرداوس (08/03/2017 00:03)
There is a shopping mall, there is an airport, there is a capsule for sleep, hotels and more than you think. I love on how they combined all this element in one places..

Gavin Scott (28/05/2017 21:59)
Very limited choices for food and shopping after security, toilets covered in water and won't sell bottled drinks, so cheap you have to buy them overpriced on tight arse airlines

Anastasiya Solodkaya (05/11/2017 20:33)
Good experience. Good places for eating, drinking coffee and massage. Although some issues are present. Toilets are smelly.

элиза элли (29/10/2017 22:50)
Had been a long walk way walking to immigration, toilet for woman is dirty a bit and smell. Nothing interesting or even make you feel comfortable.

Samuel Godflare (14/10/2017 15:00)
Whoever designed the place failed at architecture and engineering, it's a big mess totally unorganized, mmg kebodohan

Hamdi Yusof (21/09/2017 18:17)
Big airport specially built for budget airlines. So crowded. Lots of food outlets and amenities.

Y Lee (10/10/2017 18:22)
Very hot inside complex and dirty toilet it needs big improvement in everything!
workers at the airport is rude and care less about visitor's !

Mitali Roy (21/02/2018 15:11)
Great Transit Airport. Good food and waiting areas. But the staff is a lil rude and buggy service not sufficient.. the area from one terminal to another is huge, so the buggy service should be increased.

Andrew Chwee (04/02/2018 14:12)
This airport is one that you must only go if you fly out quickly. Do go there early as there is chances you will be delayed at the custom trying to come into the main airport. Do try to walk to your boarding gate earlier since passing through that is another feat. Restrooms are always wet regardless which one you go.

Richard Smittenaar (03/03/2018 17:03)
KLIA express is not necessarily a good deal at 55rm pp, if travelling with two or more ppl. A grab to the centre of town (and thus directly to your hotel) is about 60 something, though not including tolls (don't know how much they are).

RENJITH MATHEW (04/03/2018 22:51)
Good places for having food and shipping. But rest area is not much enough.

Borneoman Kebuwau (12/03/2018 07:38)
very basic but great low cost airport. let's fly