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Place Type:
Train Station, Transit Station, Point Of Interest, Establishment
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Coordinate: 3.155262, 101.608718
Rating: 4.40
Phone: -
Beshr Sabbagh (30/06/2017 17:18)
Easy access from e-curve

Khairil Aliff Khairil Faizi (27/04/2017 15:47)
A very big place but very less people, much lesser than LRT user

Ahmad Chuplas (05/07/2017 01:54)
Very nice peaceful neighborhood..

Ariful Islam (31/01/2017 09:28)
enjoyable journey

hojun zhe (25/06/2017 15:49)
is there parking place?

Diveen Viswan (25/10/2017 11:54)
A world class transportation system. MRT is a well planned development by the Malaysian Government and Prasarana Malaysia. Good Move for a developing nation 👍

denise yong (19/07/2017 10:42)
Distance walk to IPC & Ikea damansara

Llewell and Chelsia Tan (20/02/2018 12:06)
The best train station with good access to IKEA and The Curve. Very nice station.

Apostolos Velios (24/01/2018 21:36)
integrated with shopping mall around there. but need more direction since too many links

Hendra Setiawan (06/01/2018 12:37)
Very nice MRT station, integrated with eCurve, The Curve, Tesco, Ikea, IPC Shopping Mall.

Syed Haseeb (29/12/2017 13:36)
No park n ride option here.
Newly built MRT station very convenient for those who are residing here or would like to visit ikea, tesco mutiara damansara, the curve mall, ipc & ecurve surrounding areas.
There's a elevated bridge connection to all the amenities & mall's nearby also the connection from this MRT to Royal chulan hotel.
Wheelchair accessible entrance & toilets is available here.

SK lem (09/12/2017 17:29)
Well designed and spacious station to cater for large crowd. The carriage is also spacious and seems to be wider than the LRT. However, there are not passengers even during school holiday weekend. That maybe partly due to the connection and access to and from the station. It is not well planned for some of the station. Example: it took more than 15minutes to from from Bandar Utama station to oneutama and other nearby attractions. Hopefully this will be improved once the construction next to the station in completed.